About SS Water Restoration

Our Story

SS Water Restoration is a professional water restoration service across the Denton and Collin counties. Our portfolio includes water damage restoration, Mold remediation, and sewage cleanup services. We are also certified and insured under IICRC.

Our company’s primary goal is to prioritize client satisfaction by safeguarding their property from any potential damage. We genuinely understand how distress water damage, Mold, and sewage backup can cause. Therefore, we strive to provide efficient and modern solutions to minimize the risk to our client’s property and health.

Our team of experts, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, is our pride in resolving water-related issues. We prioritize transparent and professional communication throughout the process.

Furthermore, we maintain our relationship with insurance companies to streamline insurance procedures. We support you, from gathering relevant documents to talking to the insurer on your behalf to provide you with a huddle-free restoration service experience.

At SS Water Restoration company we are driven by a clear purpose, a compelling vision, and unwavering values. Together, our mission, vision, and values form the foundation of our organization, inspiring us to make a positive impact in the field.

Our Mission

At SS Water Restoration Service, we aim to restore peace and comfort to homes and businesses affected by water damage, Mold, or sewage backup. We ensure our clients are happy by providing effective service using our knowledge and skills. We deliver client satisfaction through effective service using expertise, innovative methods, and empathetic care.

Our vission

Our vision is to prioritize client satisfaction by delivering a service experience that shows quality and professionalism. It helps us to build a strong, long-lasting relationship of trust and excellence with our clients. It results in long-lasting relationships built on trust and excellence.

Our Values

By streamlining communication, we aim to become a brand known for customer satisfaction and trust. We prioritize integrity, professionalism, empathy, excellence, and continuous improvement. These values drive us to consistently and effectively achieve our goals.

Restoring What Matters Most, With Precision & Care

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